Xactimate is 99% practice and 1% theory

Before you’ve practiced, the theory is useless. After you’ve practiced, the theory is obvious.

Xactimate is so complicated.

I will never figure it out.

Don’t let Xactimate frustrate you and prevent you from being a success out in the field. Let TrainPro help you master those skills with the help of our Xactimate Certified Trainers and our unique approach to teaching you more than just Xactimate, but how to use it in the field.

Our training techniques will help you solve the puzzle of Xactimate.

Mastering the puzzle of Xactimate will bring you success.

Success brings pride and ultimately more money.

Benefits of Our Training Classes


More Confidence

After taking our classes, you will have confidence in your abilities to go out and handle an inspection with the comfort of your skills in your back pocket.

Speed in Inspections

You will be able to inspect your property losses with greater ease, thus cutting your time in the field down significantly.  This will allow for more inspections per day and an earlier bedtime.

Accurate Scoping

Our training’s will teach you how to properly scope a loss, and ensure that you submit an accurate estimate based on the damages found.

Improve Your Claim Cycle Time

The speed at which you can send a claim back up to the carrier to put a payment in the Insured’s hand, the happier everyone is, which will result in more assignments.

A Fatter Wallet

When you turn in a better product faster pace, this will result in a medical condition know as Fat Wallet Syndrome. Once you get it, you hope it never goes away.

Reduced Digestive Problems

More confidence in your scoping and estimating skills will result in shorter claim cycle times. This will reduce the digestive problems experienced by your field managers and inside adjusters.

Enroll Now in our courses to Bring You the Success you are looking for.